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If the interviewee seems to become angry or upset, stay calm and ask the question in another way.If responses go off track or go on too long, gently steer the subject back in the right direction. As the interview proceeds, take careful notes, but don’t allow it to become distracting.That doesn’t mean you can’t let the topic of discussion move in unexpected ways — indeed, this can sometimes be to your advantage — but make sure you get what you came for.If an important question is sidestepped, ask again.At the same time, understand that you may be in a negotiation, and keep in mind what best serves the public interest.

Leave it up to the person you’re interviewing to do the same, however.Once you’ve got your list of targeted questions ready, turn them into a list of general topics that you will have in front of you for the interview.Ultimately, it’s better to work with a topics list rather than a series of carefully worded questions.Do not let anyone get you to agree to have quotations approved before they are used in your story; it is not good journalistic practice and does not serve your audience in an honest way.This has become a important ethical issue in contemporary American journalism.

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They can be highly specific (“What were you doing at noon on June 12, 2003?

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