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Irina Shayk The Russian model’s appearance on the Victoria’s Secret runway in November was enough to re-establish her in our mind as sexiness on heels.

The fact that she was pregnant at the time—and sprung that info backstage just before the show—seals the deal.

She then asked to be released from contract in 2010 and later crossed paths with West while he was crafting his critically acclaimed album, in 2012. '" West then asked Taylor to do background vocals for the LP and took the protégée under his wing officially in 2012 as part of his G. "Teyana provides something that's so R&B," West said of Taylor in 2014.

"So black, so hood, so missing and so necessary in the marketplace.""We're already recording on my days off, we're just recording," Taylor told.

(Well, that and her lens-melting command of the camera.) In an era of media training gone mad, the former Disney star is about as accessible as mega-celebs come.

Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are both idiots for letting 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather dictate their lives.

Soulja Boy reminded the world that he dated Teyana Taylor during an interview with Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked. Soulja Boy explains that he kicked Taylor out his limousine for Rihanna after the 2009 Chris Brown assault incident.

It has been over 7 years since the incident but Chris is still dealing with it. Soulja Boy has revealed one of the reasons Teyana and Rihanna were beefing.

Teyana Taylor was put on the stand at Breakfast Club Court and stated facts on facts about her past relationship with NBA star and ex-fiancé, Brandon Jennings, as well as his new relationship with her ex-friend, Tae Heckard. “I felt betrayed because of everything that we’ve been through for 6 years,” she said, even revealing that Jennings had swiped her V card.

After the Detroit Pistons player let it be known on Instagram last week that his relationship with Heckard, was official tissue, the G.

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“Not to be an asshole,” she’s said, “but people are expecting a hot dumb girl, whereas I am sort of cynical and smart.” Up next, look for her in Iskra Lawrence If you think stripping on a New York subway is easy as long as you’re a model, you should really watch Iskra Lawrence’s viral video from November, in which the 26-year-old Brit speechifies — to a visibly uncomfortable command audience — about loving your body no matter what.