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Social bioware not updating

But it does boast many classic RPG features - such as levelling, skills progression and equipment shops - so I think I can be justified including it. Try it if you want something a tad more intelligent than your standard dungeon grind fare. But if you can look beyond this, there is a good game hidden somewhere here.

Play Chronicles of Avael - the Chimera Stones here.

It has great cross server and Arena battles which you can fight with players in arena and fight with people from other server with Cross server.

Oh, and that's before we even get to the lavishly designed environments, beautiful animations and a great cast of characters. Might have made the top of the list but no support for keyboard controls. Creatures gain experience and level up from battling. You have to find seven pieces of a broken magic mirror hidden somewhere on a mystic island.

Plus, as you progress in the game, you gain Turanggamasa level, allowing you to deploy more powerful monsters against your enemies. Nothing innovative there but the cool 3D-esque graphics, beautifully designed and animated characters and generally high production values set this well above your average Flash RPG. Build up your reputation and join one of several factions in the game.

Then, decide to take the path of good or evil as you explore and battle your way through the game world. Slickly produced, this is a great classic-style RPG. It is said in RPG circles that Mardek is a game that you either love or hate.

But they are let down by their controls: you can only use your mouse, which annoys this fan of keyboards. Your task is to stop war destroying your home land in this nicely-made game. It is not flashy in the slightest, featuring graphics that would have looked outdated a decade ago, but what it lacks in style, it more than makes up in substance. But put the effort in to learn how it works and you are rewarded with some great tactical RPG game play. A must for those who like their RPGs to be more intellectually challenging than the average. A lot of thought and effort has clearly been put into this game - and it is for that reason alone that I am including the game here.

Nevertheless, an above average RPG and definitely worth playing. World of Pain is not particularly innovative but it features a large game world, a good variety of enemies and monsters and cute graphics. In short, an old style RPG with no bells and whistle but simply great fun. It might be stretching it a bit to describe this puzzle game as an RPG. However, the game is seriously let down by a poor interface, fiddly movement controls (again, no keyboard support) and probably the most annoying background music I have ever heard.

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Call of god is based for strategy and you can choose 3 different races which are , Human, Elves and Undeads and you can start building your army and start fighting with your friends and against other online people.

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