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Great news – you absolutely have some wonderful options to choose from where you will fit right Nowadays in the travel industry, catering to specific niches and customer desires is an important part of their business, and there are many cruises for singles in the over 50 age group.

The nice thing about this option is that there will be a variety of structured and non-structured activities to suit all personality types and needs, and you can do it without facing any kind of pressure.

We do not provide dating consultancy but we make best effort to help you start dating.

We are the social activity group for ordinary people who want to do extraordinary things!

You don’t have to do any planning; there is a smorgasbord of activity and opportunity awaiting you.

Relax in a fun atmosphere and enjoy the interesting surroundings while meeting new people.

If you are single and are wondering if there are options for you, as a 50 person to go on that cruise you always dreamed of, but not feel out of place.

You want to get out and see the world, but you may feel intimidated and wonder if singles’ cruises are just for the younger set.

Our tent was exquisite located on the Mara River with the sounds of the Hippos early in the morning with ever possible amenity many comparable to what one would find at a five star hotel.

Did you know that there are some travel agents who specialize specifically in cruises?

Ask the agency for an agent who does this or check it out yourself – if the agent has the designation “M. C” that means they are a “master cruise consultant”.

Areas on board the larger ships are spaced out enough that you can carve out your own little piece of heaven.

This is your time, you’ve worked hard, maybe raised a family, and now it’s time to really start to enjoy the benefits you have earned.

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" " We started at Makanyane for four nights at the start of our honeymoon.

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