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The log file is named "updater.log" and created in the folder where the updates are downloaded next t.

You can combine the following attributes by separating them using the pipe character ("|") and enclosing them using quotes ("Error|Debug"): Enables the Updater to run as a service.

In this dialog, the user can specify the download folder, the check frequency, enable or disable the automatic update option.

The Updater will search silently for updates and automatically install all updates; this has the same effect as the /silent option if the user has selected the "Check and automatically install all updates" option in the configuration dialog.

If the check frequency has not passed or there are no updates available, the Updater will exit immediately.

Advanced Updater is an executable tool whose roles are to check for updates, inform the user of their presence and offer to download and install them.

After launching the Updater, it checks if a newer version of the application exists by using a predefined rule.

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The Updater searches silently for updates at the interval specified in the Configuration dialog - "Check Frequency" field (Updater).