Error updating windows vista service pack 1

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However, due to the general tightening of security, there is the potential that some security measures interfere with special functions you had been using on your computer, and you may have to loosen some security settings accordingly.

Given the complexity of some Windows XP installations, there is also always some potential for some other defect to show up.

In the US call (800) 936-5700 and press 0 to get to an operator. This article does not generally cover installations running a third party software firewall.

If you want to rely on the information given here, you have to completely uninstall any third party firewall software first.

Windows XP SP2 CD order point: Pack 2 does not require any particular preparation, but it is recommended to take a few precautions nonetheless.

One common reason is that the hardware requires special drivers, but the drivers provided with the hardware are obsolete and not yet compatible with Service Pack 2. Please read the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article.

At least you gain some peace and more time to look for a better solution. If that also fails or if you want to know more details, check the next subchapters below for detailed information on how to uninstall the service pack.

Click on Start, Control Panel, Add/Remove Software, and make sure that you have Show Updates selected at the top, if you have that choice at all. If that fails, roll back the computer, using System Restore. To get into Safe mode, tap the [F8] key repeatedly or hold it down while the computer is booting. If you cannot or don't want to uninstall Service Pack 2, you can perform a repair installation of Windows XP.

A general advice, particularly after changing hardware, is to power everything down, including any routers, cable modems, switches, hubs, and the like, wait 10 seconds, then power them up again.

those that came with a computer and are tied to that computer.

But if you run into a problem, these OEM versions usually cannot do repair installations.

A slipstream CD means a Windows XP installation CD with Service Pack 2 already integrated.

For this you need the full (Network) Service Pack 2 file (266 MB), which can be downloaded from:

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Remnants of Service Pack 2 may still cause some problems, warning and error messages in the system event log, but these should go away once you have successfully reinstalled Service Pack 2.