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I hope you have fun with this book, and are touched by it.

Steel's novels have been on the New York Times bestseller list for over 390 consecutive weeks and 22 have been adapted for television.

And the dog walker and movie star become a couple too.

None are your typical family, all are serious, worthwhile profoundly decent people, trying to make their lives work, and facing some real life struggles that we all face at some point.

Good lives, loving relationships, and a partner they love, trust and respect.

In this world of obsession with looks and beauty, Victoria is a wonderful person with beauties of her own.

As it is for many women, dating is disappointing, and unkind men pull all the stunts that happen to a lot of young (and even older) women in the dating world.

She escapes from Los Angeles to the mid west when she goes to college, and after she graduates, she moves to New York, and gets a job as a teacher, in a prestigious private school.

But nothing she ever does is good enough, no accomplishment ever wins her parents praise, and no amount of dieting (she tries many) gets the extra inches off her body.

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An older woman (much) and younger man (much), and the older woman happens to be the dog walkers famous novelist mother.