Andy dating office

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Andy dating office

When Jim (John Krasinski) moved to the Stamford branch of Dunder Mifflin at the start of Season 3, Daniels came up with a list of the paper company's other offices.

"There was a Nashua branch and a Yonkers branch," he says.

"The only alternative to Jenna: I had a version in mind in which Pam was African American and so was [her boyfriend] Roy.

It would have been Craig Robinson as Roy and Erica Vittina Phillips as Pam.

"The whole thing was so absurd I felt I couldn't keep the money," he says.

Fischer regularly hears from viewers who don't like stronger-willed Pam. But there are some people, particularly men, who are far more attracted to her as a wallflower.

"That gave them the idea that Dwight's background might be more rural or white trash.

It forced us to rethink where we were selling it." When Reilly moved to NBC, he still wanted to buy it.With the comedy ending its run on May 16, the cast and producers shared some of the lesser-known secrets behind what it took to build and maintain Dunder Mifflin's Scranton office.Daniels feared that on cable, his take would be overshadowed by the original.Had that happened, Tate's Nellie would have "stepped into those Dwight shoes," he adds.Cousin Mose would have become a traveling salesman, as Schur is busy executive producing "Mose would load up an ox cart with beets and go to roadside farms all over the state of Pennsylvania and be selling the Schrute family beets." And Fischer says she's certain that "at some point Jim and Pam would have visited." Wilson says he believes "NBC made a big mistake in passing on I think there is a ton of potential.

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