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That’s why the blobs are more diffuse when experts are compared with each other than when they’re compared with Cellar Tracker. That might sound odd, but out of thousands of wines we analyzed, only a handful contradicted this pattern. It’s possible all those enthusiasts on Cellar Tracker already knew what Robert Parker and other experts said about each wine and just parroted their scores.Simply put, if you want to know what the experts think, the best place to look appears to be, of all places, Cellar Tracker. That said, when you consider that a 2007 Seghesio Family Vineyards Zinfandel Sonoma County was rated 1,406 times on Cellar Tracker, for an average score of 90.5, does it really seem likely that 1) they had all read the expert scores, and b) they were consciously or unconsciously swayed as a result?For decades, Americans turned to professional critics like Robert Parker to help them make that determination. In 2004, Eric Le Vine — then a group program manager at Microsoft — launched Cellar Tracker, a site where amateur wine enthusiasts can rate wines.Today, Cellar Tracker is the web’s most popular “community” or “crowdsourced” wine review website, containing 6.3 million reviews from 113,000-plus users for more than 2.2 million different wines.In science, this kind of study is called “observational” — you may be able to tease out a relationship, but you won’t know why it’s there.For example, if it turns out the experts and enthusiasts differ significantly in their estimation of wine quality, this does not necessarily mean the experts possess a more refined or objective understanding of wine. We discovered something altogether more interesting. So let’s start with the big question: How do the wine enthusiasts compare with the experts? Have a look: There are 9,119 dots on this diagram — one dot for each wine rated by both Cellar Tracker and Wine Advocate.

If you look over to the y-axis, you can see that it lands on 52.The larger the number of enthusiasts, the more the scores match those of the experts.Cases of strong disagreement, however interesting they may appear, are extremely infrequent.Most of the Cellar Tracker scores are very close to, and in many cases identical to, the scores on Wine Advocate. We ran a statistical tool called a Spearman correlation and got a figure of 0.576. And the weakest correlation was with Jancis Robinson, at 0.424.But to get an even better understanding of just how well Cellar Tracker relates to the experts, the best thing to do is leave Cellar Tracker out of it.

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Or for around $500, you can get a 2012 bottle of Sloan Proprietary Red.

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