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Accommodating people quotes

In his past, he was a slightly warmer person, smiling more often and having a kinder voice.

He was determined to lead Hope's Peak Academy in order to take the school in the correct direction.

He is also able to fight Kazuo to standstill, who is able to knock Juzo with one elbow and eventually defeat Kazuo.

Kyosuke states that he does not believe solely in hope or despair, but power.

He understands that (similar to Nagito Komaeda) in order for hope to be fully appreciated, you need to go through a greater despair beforehand.

He lost his right eye after a confrontation with Kazuo.

Prior to the Tragedy, Kyosuke wore a black suit instead of a white one. Kyosuke is cold and authoritative, holding an incredible amount of anger towards Ultimate Despair and is in favor of killing them.

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He took it to a local parking lot where he had enough room to turn everything around, and then, he brought it back and he set it down the right way.

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